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Sparc Consulting

Consider us as your trusted partner to make your journey successful.

Our Vision

Sparc Consulting was established based on a firm belief that despite great efforts in developing strategies, too few create the intended impact.

Throughout our experience, we have witnessed many organizations struggle with their strategy execution and transformation. 

Our concept is to bridge the gap between your high-level strategic articulation and the expected results, by supporting you with a tailored team of senior experts and consultants who have practical experience for your situation.

Some of the situations where Sparc Consulting can assist:

  • Our strategy is not tailored and does not take the market needs and organization’s capabilities into account
  • Our strategy is not detailed enough and does not provide a clear execution roadmap
  • Our team does not know where and how to start the execution
  • Our organization does not have an engine to ensure disciplined and sustainable execution

Our Services

We offer a broad range of integrated services to ensure impact is created and tangible results are generated quickly

Pragmatic Strategy Development

- National and sectoral strategies
- Policy development and assessment
- Entity / department strategy and operating model 

Strategy Articulation

- Strategy cascading
- KPI and Initiative detailing and mapping
- Business case development
- Project portfolio rationalization 

Transformation Acceleration

- VRO/TMO/PMO design, setup and operation
- Execution engine setup
- Governance, organization, process and operating model design 
- SWAT team intervention 

Decision Making Support

- Dashboard/report design and implementation
- Data analytics
- Machine learning/scenario analysis 

Deployment Model

Our unique model combines execution consultants, analysts and SMEs in a tailored way for each project


Execution Consultants

- Ensure strategic direction is fit for execution
- Accelerate transformation execution
- Act as a SWAT team
- Identify and execute quick interventions
- Push client team to deliver 


Subject Matter Experts

- Provide expert input on project
- Provide lessons learned from other situations
- Connect team with international and local expert network


Senior Leadership

- Act as a trusted advisor to senior client
- Share insights about national and sectoral priorities
- Support in shaping client’s agenda
- Define client priorities and quick wins



- Develop frameworks and methodologies
- Conduct research and benchmarking
- Develop studies
- Analyze and recommend options

Our Clients

We leverage our track record in complex transformations and in-depth understanding of the local context